Not a cult really. But a collection of memories and tributes about Steve Manderscheid.

March 23, 2004

Steve out-performs Nicotinell! 

I've just been reading a few of the entries. I guess we all know how much we miss him, but it's nice to read everyone's thoughts, as we all miss Steve for different reasons and with individual memories....although I shan't ask too many questions about your `pregnant Steve' dreams - I think you may just have been eating too much cheese before bedtime, Dave! It made me laugh though, as although I knew just how important sleep was to Steve - we both agreed that humans should be allowed to hibernate during the winter! - Steve was always someone who liked to catch me daydreaming, then snap me out of it by using shock-tactics....

...It's like I told you with the pre-match McDonalds episodes, Steve also knew there was a good chance I'd be "off in my own little world'' whenever I stood outside DCT having (yet another!) cigarette. Once he'd spotted his prey (me!) he'd sneak up behind me and make some wisecrack, knowing I'd either swallow my cigarette or choke on its smoke! I was thinking about Steve when I was outside a moment ago and I'll tell you this, now it's lost its `Manderscheid risk-factor,' smoking's not half so much fun these

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