Not a cult really. But a collection of memories and tributes about Steve Manderscheid.

May 03, 2004

Memories from Brian Austin 

I moved secondary schools in the Easter of my first year, so making friends was never going to be as easy as joining from the start. Steve and I became friends quickly, which always stood me in good stead because he was popular. After being invited to join the “Midgets Club” (which Steve was a founder member) I knew I was set for some good laughs before we all hit our delayed growth spurts!

One of my oldest memories is going bowling for Steve's birthday party, (I think we must have been about 12) with his family. There were 6 of us in total, and a 6 seater cab had been ordered, but a normal cab turned up. After some persuasion the cabby agreed to take us if the two “midgets” got in the boot and lay down so no-one saw us! All I can say is it was a good job the cab was an estate!!!

We went on holiday together a total of 5 times, and for all of them I have very happy memories, and many stories of things that happened.

When we were 16 a big group of us went camping. Unfortunately the centre pole of one of the tents got broken (I won’t go into how here…). As we were a bit tight for space we needed all the tents, so Steve sat up all night in a chair, holding the pole in one hand (holding the tent up) and an umbrella in the other trying not to get wet from the leaking roof, so others could sleep. That’s the kind of guy Steve was.

Steve had a real sense of adventure, and zest for life, he wasn’t afraid of much. Whenever we went away he wanted to try something new, from bungee jumping to jet skiing. It was always good to hear what his next challenge was going to be!

I have been trying to think of words to sum Steve up, but I’m not sure its possible, or even that I would want to. I have had some brilliant times with Steve and I will always treasure all the memories I have.

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